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Where's the pool room on the map?

The Pool Room

View of the tableThis room has got a significant feature making it different from any other room in Zavood - a green textile-coated rectangular table with a total of six holes on the corners and along the sides. The table stands firmly in the middle of the room and gets fed with regular intervals with tokens (the ones available at the bar) provided by the constant flow of poolplayers.

Cues on the wallBesides the table, Zavood has got the rest of the necessary equipment, such as the cues and chalk as well. Just a handful of professional-level everyday customers prefer to bring their own goods along. To make the nightly ques pass faster, the game is usually played in pairs, and the winning pair stays in the game against new opponents whose turn it is in the que. There is a nice custom of putting your token on the edge of the table as you enter the room, just to let others know of your intention to play.

The game played in Zavood is called 8 Ball Pool. You are welcome to take a look at the rules to find out that its is far from being a tough game to learn.

For those waiting for their chance or just hanging around and watching the players, several chairs and tables (exactly as in the II Room) are available.

The comic strip artsThe radical interior design gives the pool room far more hi-tech feeling than you can ever find on these WWW-pages: one wall is entirely covered with a massive amount of green electronic boards with chips on them looking like those used in pre-XT times. Snake-like ceiling lights are made of black rubber tubes and produce distinctive illuminated circles on the row of examples from the best of comic strip arts hanging right on the border of ceiling and walls.

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