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Welcome to Zavood!

Pub Zavood
30 Lai street
51005 Tartu
Tel +372-744-1321
Open: Monday to Friday 11-04, Saturdays and Sundays 18-04

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A good starting point on your way to Zavood is the Town Hall Square in downtown Tartu. Walking down the Rüütli street you leave the fountain on the square behind you and cross a couple of streets, namely Küütri, Gildi and Munga. Once you end up on yet another crossroad - Lai street - just a couple of steps left will take you in the line of sight with a bunch of ground floor windows through which some of the regular pub activities can be observed. Enter from the side door, and you're in Zavood! Look at the map.

The map of Zavood
[The Bar] | [II Room] | [The Pool Room]
[The Kitchen]

Zavood consists of four rooms of quite comparable sizes. Three of them are given entirely in command of the guests. Plus of course the clean and oh-so-tidy bathrooms.

Clicking on the map takes you on a little tour around the place. And don't you dare to forget to sign the guestbook once you're through!


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