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The Bar

The bar seatsNo guest entering or leaving Zavood can avoid the bar, as it is the room right by the main entrance. Another appealing feature of the bar, beside the wooden doors you enter through, is the colofur counter hemmed by high round seats. This very same counter is the place to turn to for a beer or maybe a shot of whiskey. By the way, the price range in Zavood tends to be below average of the neighboring bars, let alone the nightclubs... The people behind the counter are ready to help you with any other of your needs, such as requesting your favourite songs from the selection listed in Zavood’s CD-collection or purchasing a token for a game of pool.

Life beyond the counterLife in the barAs we all know, since the beginning of times, people have had an urge to frequently communicate with each-other. To help our guests in this field, Zavood got an ET card operated payphone installed in the bar room, the callingcards are available as well. The payphone significantly decreased the load on Zavood’s 432-689 number and raised the possibility of actually calling INTO Zavood from outside back up from the 0% where it had stayed for a while...

Nevertheless, one can ask the bar staff to order him/her a cab for no charge.

The bottles on the shelfAlmost anyone can find his or her favourite drink from Zavood’s capacious shelves. Selection of eatable goods varies slightly from season to season, but there is almost always available a selection of snacks to go with a beer (such as peanuts, potato chips and dried fish). Several hot-water based liquids (broth, a selection of teas of different flavour or a LARGE cup of coffee) tend to become popular as the weather outside gets worse during the fall and throughout the winter.

Besides the above-mentioned exit to the street, there are a couple of other ways leading you out of the bar: two bathrooms (you probably guessed that there is one for each gender) and a short hallway ending in the II Room.

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