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Where's the II rom on the map?

The II Room

Arced CeilingIn this most spacious room of Zavood, a whole row of cosy seats (the ones you usually can encounter in trains) are waiting for comfort-seekers. Round wooden tables are supported by thick and robust metal feet, making them to look capable of carrying dozens of more dunkards of beer than you can actually fit on one. Those guests who don’t care that much of soft seating are welcomed to grab one of the very industrial-looking folding chairs scattered all around the place.

Besides the traditional way in (i.e. through the bar), the arcing windows facing the Lai street get occasionally utilized as doors: its not all that easy to spend any of those valuable seconds for finding the right entrance, when you happen to detect the appealing hum and mild light pouring out of the open windows while walking down the street during a pleasant summer night...

Installation of TapsIn case the weather outside is slighly less delightful, you can find a couple of red-and-black colored installations available to help you with hanging up your overcoat. The same material - colored metal taps - is exploited in the decoration of the walls.

It would help anyone planning to spend a whole long night at Zavood to be aware of the local house rules, namely those concerning the tableware. Once you have emptied your dunkard of beer and taken off for a new one, the empty glass dissapears with a little help from the staff members regularly peeking around. In case of an unfortunate accident, i.e. if a piece of glassware happens to find its lethal end on the clay-coated floor, the guest responsible for the mishappening owes Zavood a sum stated in the "Additional Pleasures" section of the pricelist... :(

Another member of Zavood’s reasonably short no-no list states that the guests are not allowed to bring along their own liqueur or even soft drinks. Any drinks brought in from outside will be confiscated by the staff on the first sight of consumption.

Sitting PeoplePeople Hanging Around the II RoomIn case you requested some music from the bar, the II Room is the place to hang around while waiting for it - the two powerful speakers connected to Zavood’s audio system are located in both ends of this room. These very same massive black boxes are used by the occasional live-performing artists to make themselves more audible inside Zavood and around the block.

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